vloggersAfter just one video, you’ll be hooked on these amazing LGBTQ+ vloggers.

Are you interested in hearing about some kick-ass female (and genderqueer) vloggers who are turning the world of YouTube on its head in the name of LGBTQ+ representation?

Of course, you are, so I’ve rounded up my favourite LGBTQ+ vloggers into this one handy list and even included their best videos to get you started.


Ally Hills

Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender Identity:  Cis-Female

Ally Hills is a fantastically talented singer and musician who shares her music videos on YouTube. Her songs range from the comedy styles of “How To Know If A Girl Is A Lesbian”, which plays on the most common lesbians stereotypes of owning cats and wearing plaid, to acoustic covers of songs by other LGBTQ+ artists, like Panic! At the Disco, to her stunning original songs like Peacekeeper and Wrong.


Ingrid Nilse

Sexuality: Gay
Gender Identity: Cis-Female

IMO, Ingrid Nilsen has one of the most fun channels on the whole of YouTube, containing shopping hauls, hair tutorials, and travel vlogs. Her glam-it-yourself hacks have also brightened up my wardrobe to no end.

Ingrid has two coming-out videos: one where she first came out and a follow-up in 2016 about the experience of coming out. She describes coming out as terrifying” but “valuable”. She also tackles important issues like mental health and the trans bathroom laws in the USA.


Kiera Rose

Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender Identity: Cis-Female

Kiera Rose’s channel is a smorgasbord of alternative treats from her reviews of best Vegan food to her grandmother’s reaction to her tattoos to this incredible Xena Warrior Princess Transformation. She even made the dress herself!

Kiera Rose also makes a lot of relatable videos about her mental health, including relaying her first panic attack, and her sexuality, like dispelling the myths around bisexuality.

In that video, she said: “I’m bisexual. I’m not a dead cert for a threesome. I’ve never had a sexually transmitted disease. I have a long-term boyfriend but that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer bisexual. I’m not confused and I don’t fancy everyone that I see.”

That remark needs signal boosting until the end of time.


Zinnia Jones

Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender Identity: Trans-Female

Zinnia is one of the biggest transgender voices of YouTube right now; dispelling myths about trans-people, discussing politics, and explaining big scientific concepts in a simple way. She’s smart as hell.

Her long-running series in Gender Analysis is a helpful guide to life as a trans person, in which Zinnia draws on her personal experience, the experiences of others, and contemporary research. If you want to learn about the issues facing trans-people in the world today, go to Zinnia’s channel.


Ash Hardell

Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender Identity: Genderqueer, but Ash describes herself as pronoun indifferent

Ash is a fantastic advocate for LGBTQ+ people and the majority of her channel focuses on issues relating to the community; she’s even written a book called the ABCs of LGBT. Honestly, she is my go-to for videos explaining LGBTQ+ topics in a fun, yet informative, way.

She does a lot of collabs with other queer YouTubers and activists, which makes her channel a fabulous starting point for anyone looking to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues and people. Check her out, check her friends out and see what you learn along the way.

What did you think about these fantastic vloggers? Who else would you put on this list? Why do you think it’s so important to see LGBTQ+ representation on YouTube (and other parts of the media)? Let us know in the comments.