lestalk podcast
Charl and Aislinn

Lestalk is a lesbian podcast with self-proclaimed “professional lesbians”, Charl and Aislinn a same-sex couple based in the UK.

The couple felt there was a lack of knowledge around the lesbian identity and important discussions weren’t taking place, so they created lestalk a podcast that aims to relieve stigma and stereotypes around LGBTQI womxn.

The term “professional lesbian” stemmed from taking ownership of their lesbian label, but they both happily admit they’re in no way professional and have adopted “chaotic lesbian” alongside their professional label.

Whilst they’re not creating a hierarchy of lesbians, their goals are to encourage other womxn to embrace the term lesbian after decades of discrimination.

Charl Summers shares: “When we created the podcast, I had no idea how so many lesbians and queer womxn around the globe would relate to my journey. As a baby lesbian, I was so scared of the world and didn’t understand my label and who I was, all I needed was someone to explain it all but there was no one. In honesty, I think it’s one of the main reasons why lestalk exists is to ensure that LGBTQI womxn don’t feel alone. By openly discussing and answering any questions along the way, we’re noticing a rise in our following feeling liberated in their sexuality.

If I’m honest, I don’t understand why these open discussions weren’t taking place previously. I’m just glad that our podcast exists to help and support those who need an extra push.”

Charl and Aislinn release new episodes every Tuesday, with new topics and insights into the lesbian culture.