A history-making documentary, In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction, brings together many of the most notable authors of lesbian literature from the previous century and allows them to share, in their own words, their inspirations and how and why their groundbreaking works became woven into the fabric of the LGBTQ+ community.

Featured authors include Sarah Waters, Dorothy Allison, Rita Mae Brown, Lesléa Newman, Ann Bannon, Ellen Hart, Katherine V. Forrest, Lee Lynch, Jewelle Gomez, Penny Micklebury, Jenifer Levin, Achy Obejas, Karin Kallmaker, Elana Dykewomon, Patrick Califia, Claire McNab, Marianne K. Martin, and Nancy Garden.

In Her Words is the most comprehensive look ever into the formative decades of lesbian literature and the women who put their safety, lives, and jobs on the line to write works that reflected the truth of lesbian experiences of the time. The documentary is the culmination of a project begun in 2014 by authors Sandra Moran and Marianne K. Martin.

Martin explains the origin of the endeavour this way: “As authors of historical fiction, Sandra and I were interested in looking at not just the history of lesbian literature, but also what world events helped shape those stories and to what extent the stories were reflections of the authors’ own lives as they looked for affirmation and their place in the world.”

When Moran tragically died from cancer on November 7, 2015, Martin turned to Moran’s widow, Cheryl Pletcher, and asked if she would help her carry the project forward. Pletcher quickly agreed. She assumed the role of executive producer. “It was the honour of a lifetime to play a part in documenting the history of women who risked it all to write novels that not only brought hope but also saved lives.”

We speak to the filmmaker,  Lisa Marie Evans:

Pletcher and Martin brought the talented filmmaker Lisa Marie Evans on board shortly after that to implement their vision. “Sitting down with these extraordinary, historically significant authors was such a thrill. Their passion for the work is palpable,” said Evans, who became the film’s director, editor, and Animator.

In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction is narrated by venerated LGBTQ+ historian and author Lillian Faderman. Learn more about the project at www.inherwordsthefilm.com.