Why we’re mad about Madyx this summer.

After the recent tragedy of Orlando, Madyx is just what we needed this summer to lift our moods with her pop anthem "Where the Wild Things Are."

Behind this pure Pride-centric ear candy is Michelle Blanchard, also known as Madyx, a 23-year-old pop artist who started dropping beats about a year ago. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, Madyx is often described as a mix between P!nk and Katy Perry. And that's her sound. She’s even got the hair down, rocking a purple undercut. 

Madyx grew up in Las Vegas, but moved to LA at 16 years old to pursue music, and it was not a mistake. At first, she was part of a band that become popular, Life Down Here, which has been said to be a mix of hardcore and rock, similar to Paramore and Imagine Dragons. The band played at high schools and Hollywood venues, and even released an album. Then, last year Blanchard decided to leave and start her own project, Madyx. This is a big change in genre, more pop/dance/alternative rather than rock. 

It seems to be getting attention because Madyx is back in Southern California schools and on the Hollywood Sunset Strip. The sound evokes summer parties, and should end up on your gym playlist! "Where the Wild Things Are" was co-written by Madyx and Swedish pop lyric mastermind Carl Ryden, who is behind a number of Kylie Minogue's hits.

Madyx's lyrics are mostly about relationships and the upheaval that can come with them. The “person” she’s talking to does not seem to be gendered, which is awesome! Perusing Madyx’s social media, it's not really publicized that she’s queer or part of the LGBTQ community, but our industry insiders tell us that we can happily claim Madyx as one of our own.

Check out Madyx for yourself:

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