lesbian short storiesI don’t know if you’ve ever been stung by a bee but there’s an intense feeling of pain that shoots right through your body from the epicentre of the bite. The pain can be nauseating and sharp but at the same time there’s some pleasure in it too.

There’s a feeling of electricity in your body and it sends shock waves right down to the tips of your fingers. Clem’s presence was just like this, pleasurable and painful at the same time, but electrifyingly exciting.

It could keep me awake all night. I was worried that she would fly out of my life as quickly and as dangerously as she flew in. I needed more time to lure her, I needed to trap her. It seemed impossible though, everybody knows that bees are sluts.

And then there was the problem of Heather, poor genuine, loving Heather. I could see her scanning the room for me as I walk back into the bar. She was already drunk, one eye looking straight at me but unable to focus on anything, the other rolling back in her head. I startled her when I ran my fingers through her hair. “Take me home honey, please,” she slurred.

“I’ll take her home,” Clem interjected. “I’d like to see her new apartment, you all stay out, it’s early.” My plan was foiled, it was as if she was two steps ahead of me.

“I’ll help you,” I offered. Heather was a heavier than she looked, like an armchair. And as loyal as one too.

I wondered if her friends were suspecting of my motives, like Heather, my eyes were in two places at once. One on each sister. Just keep your eye on the prize, think like an athlete, not an armchair.

We took Heather home together in a taxi, entertaining her rambles rather than talking to each other. I helped Clem drag her up the stairs whilst focusing on the muscles in her back, she was statuesque. This made me imagine her in Europe, in a majestical garden, immortalised in marble. She was carved so perfectly in shape. Except she was Medusa, turning me into stone.

I placed Clem into her bed with a bucket beside her, and told her I’d be right back. As I shut the door behind me she was already snoring.

“If you’d like the tour, all you need to do now is spin around.” I tried to be cool, but again came across as rude.

“How about a drink instead?” she suggested with a smirk.

“Ok I’ll make the drinks and you put on some music, we need to drown out the engine in the next room.” I needed to block out everything connected to Heather, which is ironic because it’s her sister I am trying to seduce.

Clem connected her iPod to the stereo, not even giving a second glance to Heather’s collection of CD’s. Seconds later she appeared in the kitchen, I can tell she likes to be in control, that’s for sure. I turned around to get ice and before I can shut the door she is behind me, sliding one hand over my mouth and the other below my breasts while she whispers into my ear to be quiet.

I suppose she thought I was going to resist.

I take her fingers in my mouth and press her other hand between my legs, the coolness of the freezer blowing on my heated body. She picks my body up and forces me up on the kitchen bench, sliding the half-prepared drinks to one side and we kiss with severity.

Her tongue is so strong, like a tidal wave and I am wet everywhere. Tops are taken off and I lean over her putting my breasts in her mouth and running my hands through her hair. She is sucking and biting and running her hands over my jeans. My cunt is screaming for her, so much so that it’s in pain, I wonder if she’s slicing me open with a bread knife.

I open my eyes to see her unzipping my jeans and hers at the same time. Mine are so tight and I am sweating so much she can’t get them off so I jump down and rip them off and throw them across the room. She takes hers off and lies me down on the floor, the coolness of the tiles singeing my hot skin.

Now she’s lying on top of me, her hard body matching the hard floor, I feel completely encased in Clem. We’re still both wearing our underwear, as if taking off that final piece of clothing is admitting we’re doing something wrong. Finally she slides her fingers into me, she still hasn’t said a word but she groans with delight. I am almost embarrassed of the flood between my legs but she seems to be filled with pride, I feel her smiling as she continues to kiss me and fuck me.

We must be on the kitchen floor for more than an hour, when she gets off me, we are lying there next to each other in a pool of water. The freezer is still open and dripping, our underwear is soaked.