A new web series explores the queer underside of Toronto’s rave scene.

Peace, love, unity, respect, and queerness? With some inspiration from the popular DJ Deadmau5 and the life experiences of director D.W. Waterson comes web series That’s My DJ. Mixing the lives of DJs with queer women, this free web series has just released its second season. While season 2 is the one that Waterson told me fits her “crazy heart exploding experience” to a tee, I definitely suggest checking out season 1 as well. In similar fashion to Skins UK, you don’t really need to know the storyline, but it’s definitely just as great.

The main queer character is Meagan, brought over to season 2, who you may recognize from Hemlock Grove and The Girlfriend Experience. In season 1, Waterson explained Meagan was more or less experimenting with her sexuality, but in season 2, she was much more confident about loving women.

Let’s not forget about the rave scene though. As a DJ who has watched the electronic scene grow over the past 8 years, Waterson really found this was something people weren’t writing about. So she did it herself! In season 2, Meagan falls for a DJ, Hannah. Their complicated love story really moves season 2 along, as do the parties and music scene. 

Stylistically, That’s My DJ has many cool scenes in which there is no dialogue; Waterson explains that technique was a way of getting to the heart of the emotional experience and allowing the audience to be pulled into the experience the characters are having.

I won’t spoil the ending. It's not rainbows and unicorns, but it is relatable. Since season 2 is based on Waterson’s life experiences, she said it wrote itself, since she wanted to be honest with her audience. 

You can watch That's My DJ here