There is plenty for lesbians in Tello’s new web series.

Don’t be fooled by the name; this is not a show about men chasing women.

Skirtchasers is a new lesbian web series that will be your next binge-watch.

Directed by Amanda Bearse and Stan Zimmerman, the five-part series tells the story of Robyn, a lesbian who recently exited a relationship. It’s about her journey of exploring her actions, which leads back to how her father treated her as a child and his abandonment of her. This emotional intersection gives the show an outstanding balance between experiences everyone can relate to and those specific to the Queer community.

Another awesome part of the show is the casting. Robyn is played by Elizabeth Keener, who you may recognise from The L Word and My Generation. Her father is played by Barry Bostwick, who has lent his talents to many roles, including Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and most recently in Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse.

I was also happy to see Valery M. Ortiz in a minor role – she played a big part in the lesbian drama South of Nowhere. While she was not a lesbian in that show, seeing how she is now taking on that role is fun. Plus, Lea DeLaria is on board to record the theme song.

What I have previewed of Skirtchasers made me laugh out loud, which is great because queer shows can sometimes be dramatic and on the severe side. I can also assure you that, so far, it offers an accurate and authentic portrayal of lesbian life and relationships, which is always essential., which caters specifically to queer women, is streaming episodes to those with subscriptions. I think it’s worth the $4.99 to check it out. The cool thing about Tello Films is that all the proceeds go to the filmmakers, so more queer webisodes can be made!

Watch Skirtchasers here.