Kate and Daisy are co-dependent sisters, whose relationship is tested when Kate starts dating Rachelle.

I Know You Are is a new webseries that aims to bring women and inclusiveness into focus. The six part dramedy explores the personal sacrifices people make for those they know and love the most. The series also highlights how the closest relationships can be excuses or opportunities, and that the difference comes down to a choice only we can make for ourselves.


The series represents three dimensional characters within the queer community and focuses on Kate as she struggles to support her sister Daisy after losing her job. When she meets Rachelle, her new relationship inspires Kate to do what she loves, but Daisy won’t accept change without a fight. We had a chat with the ladies behind this ingenious show!



1. For those readers who haven’t yet seen the series, could you give us a summary of what the story is about?

Amber: The series is about two sisters, Kate and Daisy, who live together as adults and are co-dependent and sort of in their own world. They are polar opposite personalities, but they have a certain rhythm in life until Kate meets a woman, Rachelle, and this throws the sisters’ world into a spin.

Brigitte: The show is about that weird period of adulthood when you feel like you should have things together but you don't know which direction to go in or how to get there. Kate is not sure she can break away from Daisy even if it means she might get what she really wants.



2. The story follows sisters Kate and Daisy, plus new partner Rachelle, can you tell us a little more about these characters our readers are going to meet?

Amber: Kate has always taken the backseat to her own life in relation to Daisy, her more extroverted younger sister. Kate ultimately needs a new motivation to pursue her passion, and in Rachelle, she finds a sweet soul and grounded support. Rachelle is also a catalyst for Daisy’s antics.

Brigitte: Kate is reserved, kind and transparent. She wants to take control of her life but has always felt stuck without a choice. Daisy is sharp, funny and confident, but she wants to stop things from changing before she is ready. Rachelle is upfront, patient and a realistic optimist. She wants a committed relationship.



3. The story is set in the modern day society, in what ways can we expect to relate to these character’s situation?

Amber: This is a real slice of life story, its beauty comes from how natural and realistic the characters’ situations are. We all lose our way at some point, we fight with our siblings and navigate new relationships. We all need to grow up some time, and this series has some truly relatable heartfelt moments.

Brigitte: It was really important that we set the story in a suburban world that is familiar to our audience. While their friends and neighbours are married with babies and mortgages, our main characters are struggling with their livelihood while still figuring out who they are. I think this is an issue many Gen Ys and beyond can identify with, especially in Sydney. It could also be said that we took a very modern approach to queer relationships on screen by making no direct reference to Kate and Rachelle’s sexuality. We just let two out characters be together like any other couple.



4. For those out there who are curious about working with their loved ones – how did you find working with each other? And do you have any tips on keeping the peace when working with partners?

Amber: There are some days that are more stressful if something falls through and the stakes are high, but there are so many more days of feeling really proud of what you and your partner are achieving. My best tip is to remember that whatever you’re feeling, they’re probably feeling it too, so work with the positive things that are happening and support each other as a priority.

Brigitte: I would say that it’s a good idea to block out some time at home when you just don’t talk about the work. This can just come down to managing time and working to a schedule efficiently. But easier said than done. There can be advantages, like if you can read each others’ mind on set, and you can be totally honest, just pick your moments. I always trusted Amber with capturing our story beautifully, and seeing her at work and the results has made me so proud.



5. Without giving away any spoilers, do you have a particular favourite scene or moment in the series?

Amber: All the Daisy moments, both scripted and improvised.

Brigitte: One of my favourite scenes is the end of Episode 5 with Kate and Rachelle. It just really has the feels.



6. Were there any funny stories or “blooper” moments during filming that you could entertain us with?

Amber: Filming the beach scene was pretty crazy. We could barely stand in the waves and it’s just lucky we weren’t recording for sound. It was one fifteen minute take of non stop squealing, but fun, and we got what we needed!

Brigitte: It was really hard to get through some of my scenes with Josie, she’s such a funny lady! In particular, the scene with Daisy when Kate is painting the cat, she was basically riffing on a tune my own sister had made up when we were kids. I couldn’t stop laughing because every take was different.



Watch the first episode here:


Watch the rest of the series here



Cast Quotes


“The most exciting thing about working on IKYA was being in a production led by women and telling a story about female relationships. I wanted to work on it because I hadn’t seen anything like it before and I was very honoured to be part of it, as I think it’s vital to see stories about women in the LGBT community.”
– Sophie Long (Rachelle)


“After one read through of the script, I was sold. I think I Know You Are is such an honest and funny examination of what it’s like to be a good sister, good girlfriend, good daughter, all the while juggling how to be a good, independent person. It’s such a strong, female lead production with a modern portrayal of LGBTQI relationships. It’s exactly what the world needs and it feels great to be a part of something so inclusive and refreshing.”
– Josephine Parsons (Daisy)


“Having a sister of my own, I really enjoyed how the text explored the sibling dynamic and how challenging those relationships can be – as well as very rewarding. I appreciated the unique perspective but also the passion of the creators.”
– Nick Pes (Ryan)


“When I was approached to play Cassie, there wasn’t one part of me that hesitated. I was excited to be involved in a series which is created and developed by inspiring and passionate women.”
– Laura Andon (Cassie)


“What excited me the most was the sense of collaboration, not only with Brigitte and Amber, but also with the rest of the cast – this was very apparent when we had our read-through and rehearsal which involved a lot of improvisation to discover the nuances of our individual relationships.”
– Sheree Zellner (Penny)