2 lesbian parents with childRunning is MY TIME. It’s how I process my day, release my stresses, feel the strength

This is the smile of freedom. The biggest, cheesiest grin I’ve had for a while and all captured last weekend when I took part in one of those bonkers mud run thingies.

Like the Great North Run, the Muscle Acre Summer Madness was one of my pregnancy projects. Full of crazy hormones and frustrated at my lack of sporting activities, annoyed at my ever-changing ever-growing body, I decided to sign up for a few challenges to help my body bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight and shape. But then real life happened and quite frankly even if I could’ve started running, I didn’t have the energy, motivation or even the time to get back into things.

I know as well as anyone that exercise makes you feel good, so the last few months have been that constant mental battle between knowing what is best and having the energy to carry it out. Anyway, I was deemed fit enough to run last week by the physio and, with her warnings of “take it slow”, “run, walk, run”, “avoid hills” and “start with 10 minutes and gradually build it up”, I went for my first run. Just a little 4km with a few hills and no stopping. I couldn’t help myself. I just felt FREE so the majority of her advice went out the window. I was child-free and energised.

Running is MY TIME. It’s how I process my day, release my stresses, feels strong and, as a little boost, my body looks better for it. So once I got back, beaming that I’d achieved it, I was super excited about the Great North Run and, although there’s only eight weeks to go, I genuinely think I can do it.

So that leads to Sunday. Sunday was the Muscle Acre Summer Madness, which I was sure I was going to miss. But then there’s me, Mrs Stubborn, or I like to say determined, wasn’t going to give in and I’m so pleased I didn’t.

I mean look at that smile. I had fun. Oodles of fun wading through mud, climbing wooden towers, carrying logs and sandbags and that water slide! Well, I felt like a big kid.

What a brilliant experience. It felt great to do something for me, but to top it off, I had my beautiful family at the finish line cheering me on. There’s no greater motivation. I’d recommend it to anyone.

So that’s given me a real boost to up my training for the half marathon in September. Great timing really, as the nursery holidays start today and as much as I’m looking forward to them, this year I know I’ll need that ‘me time’ more than ever as days can be exhausting with little ones.

Today is our biggest tiny human’s last day at the nursery before she starts school in September and to say I’m emotional about it is an understatement. Everybody says it, but the time has gone so quickly.

She was just a 10-month-old baby when she first started at nursery, then she was two when she started at Little Sandhurst Nursery and today she is leaving. We couldn’t be more grateful for all of the support LSNG have given G and our family, so a big shout out to all of them.

It’s a testament to their hard work and enthusiasm, which brings G to tears when she doesn’t want to come home in the evening because she’s having too much fun. She always says, “Five more minutes Mummy” or “Please can I stay for the mushroom club?” which is their after school club.

You’d think she preferred it to be at home, but I’m assured that’s the sign of a confident tiny one and that is what she has become. I’m just hoping she doesn’t cry at pick up today as that will send me right over the edge, although we’ve already planted the seed of a bribe tea at McDonald’s so we might be ok!! Stop growing up so fast!