Ani DiFrancoAcclaimed singer and feminist icon Ani DiFranco has recently released her new single “Play God”, the first new music to be released since her Allergic to Water album in 2014.

Continuing to advocate for women, DiFranco has been performing “Play God” on her current tour, reflecting her beliefs in reproductive freedom.

DiFranco says, “’ Play God’ is a song that recognizes reproductive freedom as a civil rights issue. As a society, it is time to acknowledge that unless a woman is in control of her own reproduction, she is not free, and it is the responsibility of our American government to protect and ensure the freedom of all American citizens. It is time we get serious about addressing and achieving this great unfinished business of civil rights in America. The true emancipation and equality of women are dependent on it.

In a career that has spanned over 25 years, DiFranco has released more than 20 studio albums, as well as live albums, EPs, and collaborations.

She weaves many of her songs with her views on the issues she’s passionate about. “Trickle Down” discusses racism and gentrification, while “To The Teeth” speaks about the need for gun control, and “In or Out” questions society’s traditional sexuality labels.



Watch the official music video for ‘Play God’ below!