Netflix fast became everyone’s go-to to get their TV fix in 2020 and turns out the streaming service is killing it in terms of diversity – we love to see it!

But who is on track to earn the most in their careers? Movies and TV department wanted to ascertain the 20  highest earning LGBTQ+ actors on Netflix, by looking at the earnings and net worth of top stars, and the results are finally in…

Coming out on top is the star of Twilight Kristen Stewart, with a huge 70 million dollar net worth.

She is followed closely by RuPaul at 60 million dollars and Gillian Anderson smashing it with a net worth of 40 million dollars.

Last on the list is Mj Rodriguez from Netflix’s 2020 hit show Pose; she has a reported net worth of 1 million dollars currently, however, we predict even bigger things from her in the future!

Which members of the community are the most successful? can reveal that 3 out of the top 5 earners are bisexual women, making them the top earners in 2020 with a combined net worth of 152 million dollars. This is compared to gay men whose combined net worth comes to 111 million dollars.

Lesbians came in third place with a combined net worth of 55.5 million dollars, followed by the transgender community at 16.5 million dollars and finally queer at 3 million dollars.

Where are they most successful?

LGBTQ+ actors earnt a combined 139 million dollars in films compared with a whopping 198.5 million dollars from TV shows, making the TV industry a more successful one so far for the LGBTQ+ community.

Which Netflix Show is Most Inclusive??

The show on Netflix with the highest concentration of LGBTQ+ actors is Pose, with 140 trans actors and crew members and 35 non-trans LGBTQ+ characters – this is the highest number of any TV show in history!

Orange Is the New Black comes in second with 17 LGBTQ+ actors and crew.

In third place is Ratched, with 11 LGBTQ+ actors and crew.


Methodology: In order to work out if LGBTQ+ actors earn more in TV or Film, OnBuy took the top 20 earners (based on net worth) and researched the earnings for their most-watched (in terms of viewing figures) projects. OnBuy then added up all the top-earning films and top-earning TV shows and found that the top-earning LQBTQ+ actors on our list earned more from TV shows than they have from films.