Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jesse Tyler Ferguson

NZ has legalized same-sex marriage, and the first wedding will take place today during an Air NZ flight and will be witnessed by Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Today is a day that will go down in history. Same-sex marriage is now legal in New Zealand, and in celebration, Air New Zealand will host the first same-sex wedding on a flight between Queenstown and Auckland.

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson will board the Air New Zealand domestic flight alongside the lucky lesbian couple to commemorate the first ever same-sex marriage at 30,000 feet today.

Air New Zealand’s Head of Global Brand Development, Jodi Williams, says the airline expects to be inundated with couples wanting a unique wedding experience to demonstrate their love to the world.

“We expect this marriage at 30,000 feet to attract significant global media interest. Naturally, the couple’s family and friends will want to be on hand for the special occasion so we have plenty of seats set aside for them.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson being present will make the day even more memorable,” Ms Williams says.

“Jesse has been deeply committed to campaigning for marriage equality and the fact that he is prepared to travel from the United States to be here demonstrates the historic nature of this event.”

Jesse Tyler Fergusson says, “Justin and I are thrilled to be taking part in witnessing this historic moment for New Zealand! After launching ‘Tie The Knot’, our bow tie campaign for marriage equality in the U.S., it is clear that the journey towards marriage, both in the U.S. & beyond, means so much to us. We cannot wait to celebrate this joyous occasion with Air New Zealand!”

The lucky couple will also receive a honeymoon to Palm Springs in the United States, escaping the cold Kiwi winter.