curve-magazine-Rainbow-street-marketing-ReykjavikA new study by Fitbit has analysed over 77 cities revealing the most LGBTQ friendly City – The Wellbeing Index, highlighting their LGBTQ acceptance and equality amongst others.

It’s no secret that city life can be a bit much sometimes – from overcrowding to high living costs and a lack of wide open spaces. Not only can these factors impact our day-to-day lives, but also our wellbeing and quality of life.

How well does your city contribute to your wellbeing?

In the global climate where governments are starting to understand the true importance of human wellbeing, actions are beginning to be taken to make each city a better place to live.

Using a bespoke ranking system the 15 different metrics have been grouped into 4 categories: day-to-day living, it’s all business, safety first and going green.

With 10 being the best score possible and 0 being the lowest, here are the key findings for finding the most LGBTQ friendly City

The top 10 LGBTQ friendly cities in the world are:

  1. Reykjavik
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Rotterdam
  4. Montréal
  5. Toronto
  6. Vancouver
  7. Oslo
  8. Dublin
  9. Brussels
  10. Gent

In first place, Reykjavik (Iceland) received a score of 112.32, as it was marked a perfect 10 for traffic, LGBTQ acceptance and gender equality.

But, not only is Reykjavik paving the way for women at work and closing the gender gap, they also have a high youth unemployment score.

What’s more, the city is accommodating for people with children, as even though monthly salary has a mediocre score of 4.60, childcare costs vastly outweigh this with a score of 9.14.

So, regardless of salary, childcare will always be affordable in the capital city of Iceland.

If you’re looking towards moving to a socially progressive place, look towards Iceland.

LGBTQ rights are accepted in Reykjavik, achieving a 10/10 in The Wellbeing Index just ahead of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
With almost full legal equality, strong representation in parliament and the media, Iceland has topped the index for LGBTQ acceptance, ranking first place.

On the other hand, Jakarta has ranked bottom out of all the cities with a score of 0/10 just behind Moscow (0.24/10) and Hong Kong (1.15/10).

See the full study here