schwulen beratung welcomes LGBT Asylum SeekersThe centre will offer emergency accommodation to 125 LGBT asylum seekers.

Schwulenberatung, a Berlin-based gay rights organization, will be opening a centre for LGBT asylum seekers.

The centre will be able to house 125 LGBT asylum seekers and will provide emergency accommodation for as long as needed.

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 3500 LGBT asylum seekers in Berlin. Many of these individuals experience abuse in shelters.

Schwulenberatung manager in charge of refugee affairs, Stephan Jakel, said, “We have heard a lot of stories about discrimination and crimes against LGBT people in the last two years.” They were frightened and scared after being beaten or spat on, and one survived a murder attempt. We heard a lot of horror stories.”

There have been 95 reported cases of violence in crisis accommodations against LGBT individuals in the last four months.

Germany took in the most refugees in Europe in 2015, with numbers reaching the millions from countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.