Overwhelming Support For Marriage Equality In Taiwan
Overwhelming Support For Marriage Equality In Taiwan

New public polls show 71 percent of people in Taiwan support marriage equality.

80,000 people marched in the 13th Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade. The parade is the second largest LGBT event in Asia and the Middle East with the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade being the first.

Not only was there a parade, events like the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival were held throughout the month in celebration of LGBT pride.

This year many of the participants came from around the globe, not just from neighboring countries. It is estimated that over 5,000 foreign participants were involved in the parade and other events.

Father Silas of the Romanian Orthodox Church said, “The Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade is a famous international event. I want to be part of it to show support.”

The overwhelming support is being seen in some presidential and legislative candidates as well.

The Ministry of Justice completed a three-month vote that took place online on the topic of marriage equality.

The vote was held on the government’s Public Policy Network Participation Platform and had more than 310,000 participants.

The results of the poll show that 59 percent support legal protection for same-sex couples, 71 percent support a marriage equality act and 45 percent support a same-sex partnership act. The same-sex partnership act would offer certain rights to same-sex couples that married couples have but would not give full marriage rights.

Since 2013, the results showing support for marriage equality have jumped from 53.7 percent to 71 percent.