UN LGBTI Core Group
UN LGBTI Core Group

Today, on 14 May 2020, Iceland and Nepal joined the UN LGBTI Core Group, bringing the number of members of the group to a total of 31 states and the delegation of the European Union.

Nepal is the second country in Asia to become part of the group.

The UN LGBTI Core Group is an informal cross-regional group working together to mainstream LGBTIQ inclusion throughout UN mechanisms and processes at the UN headquarters in New York. It was established in 2008 and is currently co-chaired by Argentina and The Netherlands.

OutRight serves as the group’s secretariat, coordinating with co-chairs on the workings of the group, including the organization of statements and events. Each year the group hosts a number of high-level events coinciding with the UN calendar, tackling a variety of topics about LGBTIQ inclusion. The group also works year-round with member states not part of the Core Group to promote progress for LGBTIQ equality.

Executive Director of OutRight Action International, Jessica Stern, comments:
“The significance of Nepal and Iceland joining the UN LGBTI Core Group right now is tremendous. The COVID-19 pandemic has a devastating effect on LGBTIQ people. In numerous countries we are being scapegoated for the crisis; in others our hard-fought human rights are backsliding. By joining the group at this moment, Nepal and Iceland send a powerful message – that our rights and our lives cannot be overlooked at any time, particularly not during a crisis. As the secretariat of the group, OutRight is thrilled to welcome them to the Core Group!”

The UN LGBTIQ Core Group, including its newest members, will be hosting an event marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia and Intersex-phobia at 11:00 am EST on Monday, May 18. Registration for the event is open until 10:00 am EST on Friday, May 15.