A new bill will recognise both mothers who have had a child together, without having to prove that they live together.

South Australia’s Lower House passed a Bill last Thursday that allows lesbian mothers both to be listed on their children’s birth certificates.

Previously, South Australian law required lesbian couples to prove cohabitation for three years before both women could be legally recognised as the child’s parent.

Introduced by Greens MCL Tammy Franks, the bill passed in a conscience vote 29-12 and had support across party lines.

Franks said, “This Bill overcomes a very difficult situation where, federally, these couples are recognised as ‘de facto,’ but because of this discriminatory three year cohabitation rule, both co-parents were not able to be listed on their child’s birth certificate here in South Australia.”

She continued, “These families and these children deserved better.”

SA Rainbow Labor co-convenor Belinda Marsden said, “Past discrimination has had daily impacts on families, complicating access to healthcare and education, travel arrangements, and guardianship where the birth-mother has passed away.”

“We’d like to thank those progressive Labor Members of Parliament for their tireless advocacy of this Bill and reform for the LGBTIQ community, and Tammy Franks who introduced the Bill into Parliament.”

Franks is eager to see more rights achieved for same-sex couples and said, “The public supports same-sex marriage. The politicians are still a bit scared, but they should realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.”