Say goodbye to Tongue TwisterThe popular girls party  Tongue Twister, will not be produced for Mardi Gras 2012.

It was always called the party of over 1,000 girls, and now, after five years, one of the most infamous girl nights over the Mardi Gras season will not exist in 2012.

The women behind the popular night were queer scene notables Margot Natoli, Renee Schembri, Shona McTavish and Pip Playford. The foursome announced the end of the party earlier this month in a press release.

In a statement addressed to the community they said, ‘After five years of much fun and hard work, we now find ourselves committed to other projects that unfortunately leave us without the time to produce Tongue Twister. We hope you have all enjoyed the Tongue Twister journey and the experience as much as we have, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all on the dance floor in 2012…Team Twisted.’

Not to worry, readers. Mardi Gras will rock in 2012 and we’ll keep you updated with where to be and which parties are best for lady lovers.

I couldn’t find you guys any footage from Tongue Twister so we could say goodbye right, but I did find an old episode of Generation L which goes behind the scenes with Renee Schembri, one of the promoters (Sydney girls will recognize Renee from the Bitch parties). Generation L calls Tongue Twister the ‘party of 1,000 exes,’ which makes me feel like a slacker because when I was there I only saw one of my exes. How many of your exes did you see there in 2010? If you say 1,000 I will need proof.