The findings of the review of Safe Schools don’t align with critical claims made by conservative MPs.

The review ordered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull into the anti-bullying Safe Schools Program has returned without finding issue with the program.

The review, performed by Professor Bill Louden of the University of Western Australia, is now being criticised and dismissed by conservative MPS that want to see the program defunded.

Professor Louden presented his findings last night, stating that the Safe Schools program remained consistent with the national curriculum goals. He made suggestions regarding resource materials and guidance for classroom exercises.

A number of MPs have labelled the review a fraud. Referencing the short time frame and the fact that the review did not look into organisations associated with the program, the unsatisfied MPs want the associated organisations looked into.

Ewen Jones, a Liberal backbencher, believes Safe Schools will continue to be controversial in the Coalition party room. Being a supporter of the program, Jones said, “Those people who believe that it’s a bad program weren’t convinced by what the professor had to say. Those people who believe that giving teachers information they require to make their own judgments were happy with what the professor was saying.”

In response to critical MPs, Jones said, “These sorts of things, whilst controversial, back up our policy setting of making these decisions as local as possible. We cannot possibly be saying that… we should limit information to teachers and professionals. You’ve got to trust your principals. If they do it right, then everyone wins.”

MP Warren Entsch said, “The good professor didn’t confirm some of the nonsense people have been saying about the program so now they are shooting the messenger. Nothing would placate the usual suspects.” He added, “As the professor said, there are elements that can be moderated. Some of the hysteria around this shows a clear lack of understanding about the issues some of our children face. This is not about teaching or coaching kids to be gay.”

The government has yet to publicly release the findings of the review.