Plebiscite A Risk To Family Values
Plebiscite A Risk To Family Values

Rainbow Family calls again on Turnbull Government to allow a free vote on marriage equality.

Volunteer organisation, Rainbow Families, once again is calling upon the Turnbull Government to allow a free vote in parliament on marriage equality.

The NSW LGBTIQ group has written to all Federal MPs expressing concerns that have been raised about the plebiscite. A plebiscite on marriage equality “threatens to undermine Australian family values of love, unity, empathy and respect” the group stated while also focusing on the unnecessary and costly nature of the plebiscite.

Co-chair of Rainbow Families Justine Maguire-Scarvelli noted that LGBTIQ parented families face the risk of harmful and hostile attacks from the ‘no’ campaign.

“Our families and our relationships should not be made a punching bag during a public debate,” Maguire-Scarvelli said. She added that the civil rights of the LGBTIQ community are not a fringe issue that should be subject of a non-binding opinion poll.

“We are real people, real families who deserve the rights and respect as every other Australian family.”

Although there have been claims made by Prime Minister Turnbull that the public debate will be respectful, Rainbow Families notes there are already indications that point to a vocal minority running a malicious campaign.

Ashley Scott, Co-chair of Rainbow Families spoke about election campaign flyers that were put in mailboxes “describing homosexuality as a death curse” as well as newly elected Senator Pauline Hanson’s statements that same-sex marriage “could lead to polygamy and child marriage.”

Back in May, Rainbow Families released a Plebiscite Guide. The guide is designed to inform, educate and support rainbow families in the hope of minimising the harm of a national debate.

The group states that they are concerned about the impact this discrimination and hatred will have on “our children and loved ones” especially since the entire debate is avoidable.

The organisation is hopeful that with the significant increase in parliamentary support across all parties and 70% of Australians in favour of marriage equality that the issue will be resolved in parliament.