Chair of the South Australian Parliament’s Social Development Committee, Ian Hunter MLC, has welcomed an inquiry by the Committee to investigate issues regarding gay parenting in South Australia.

The terms of reference for the inquiry were drafted by Ian Hunter, Labor MLC, moved by David Pisoni, Liberal MP and seconded by Alan Sibbons, Labor MP and supported by all members of the committee including Frances Bedford Labor MP, Jing Lee Liberal MLC and Dennis Hood, Family First MLC.

“I was particularly pleased that all members of the committee have agreed to the enquiry proceeding, but I understand that support for the enquiry does not necessarily indicate the position of individual members on the policy issues to be discussed” Ian Hunter said.

The inquiry will focus on the following areas of investigation:

1. The number of same sex couples and same-sex attracted individuals living in South Australia who are parents or aspire to parenthood.

2.  The experiences of same sex parents and their children and the social challenges faced by them.

3. The legal status of children born to same sex parents and issues relating to the legal recognition of non-biological parents.

4. The current laws that govern eligibility for adoption,  assisted reproductive technology (including in vitro fertilisation), surrogacy and foster caring in South Australia and their impact on same sex couples.

5. The relationship between State and Federal legislation in recognising same sex parents and their children.

6. The experience and regulation of interstate and overseas jurisdictions in addressing issues relating to same sex parents and their children.

7. The possible measures that could be introduced to better deal with matters pertaining to same sex parenting and what, if any, legal complexities might arise from the consideration of such changes.