New Mardi Gras has accepted an on-air apology issued by Channel Ten news anchor Ron Wilson.


The apology followed yesterday’s live interview on the network’s Morning News programme. Ron Wilson, interviewing NMG Co-Chair Pete Urmson, called parts of the Parade “disgusting,” and stated that some people in the Parade “really do seem to cross the line." He also questioned the need to campaign for same-sex marriage.

Immediately following the interview Channel Ten contacted New Mardi Gras to apologise for the use of the word ‘disgusting’ and tone of the interview and to communicate Ron Wilson’s own regret at his line.

The apology saw Ron Wilson stating his personal support of same sex marriage, and admitting that the language he used to describe the Parade could have been better chosen.

New Mardi Gras Co-Chair Pete Urmson has responded: “We accept this apology in good faith. We appreciate the need for an interviewer to present contrary views and it is our roles as spokespeople to respond, however clearly
a line was crossed yesterday and Ron made some highly subjective and damning comments which it is now clear he regrets.

“Furthermore we appreciate that Ron was prepared to go on record, on a personal basis, stating his support for same-sex marriage. That is something that neither major political party has to date been prepared to do. It is not something Ron needed to do, but clearly felt important to put on record.

“As far as we are concerned, it lays the matter to rest. Channel Ten has given otherwise positive coverage to this year’s Festival and Parade, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.