New Safe Relationships Project Resources Launch
New Safe Relationships Project Resources Launch

The resources reflect the diversity of LGBTIQ people that experience violence.

One in three people in LGBTIQ relationships experience family or domestic violence – a rate that is on par with the rate of domestic and family violence in heterosexual relationship – but they do not access help as readily as heterosexual people.

This is why services like the Safe Relationships Project (SRP) at Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) are so important.

Established in 2009, the Safe Relationships Project provide court support for LGBTIQ people experiencing domestic violence, people who may be hesitant to access mainstream support services, fearing that these services wouldn’t understand the particular issues that may arise in an LGBTIQ relationship.

Cedric Hassing, solicitor at the Safe Relationships Project explains, “We assist LGBTIQ clients to apply for an AVO through the local court, and then help them with any next steps they would like to take. This might involve referring them to LGBTIQ-friendly counselling, health or accommodation support services, or may include supporting them at a hearing.”

ICLC is launching a new series of resources to raise awareness amongst LGBTIQ people about family and domestic violence and the Safe Relationships Project this week.

The Safe Relationships Project will be introduced to LGBTIQ people through new posters, postcards, web banners and social media tiles appearing online and throughout New South Wales.

ICLC Centre Director Vicki Harding said, “Because the LGBTIQ community is extremely diverse, we were keen to develop new and inclusive Safe Relationships Project resources. The City of Sydney provided a grant to do this, and eleven community members donated their time and faces to the campaign.”

The resources will launch at the Newtown Wear it Purple event on Friday 26 August at 1PM.

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