Marriage Celebrants 'Come Out' for Marriage EqualityMemorable logo designed for celebrants who support equal rights for the LGBTIQ community

Marriage celebrants will now have a unique logo to display, supporting marriage equality.

The logo combines recognisable symbols, same-sized rings, rainbow colours, and an equal sign.

It will identify celebrants who are proud to have a policy of treating the LGBTI community with dignity and respect for their rights. It will prevent the need for another category of the civil celebrant to be created, exempt from discrimination legislation, for those who feel unable to comply with any new legislation. The logo will be widely promoted in the LGBTI community, and celebrants not displaying the logo will be unlikely to be approached to conduct same-sex ceremonies.

The logo was initiated and designed by Charles Foley and Judy Aulich. They were amongst the first to register as Civil Partnership Notaries in the ACT in 2008 and later as Civil Union Celebrants in 2012. In 2013 Judy officiated 13 of the 31 same-sex marriage ceremonies conducted in the ACT.

The logo will be offered free of charge to all celebrants in Australia so that couples, their friends and families can choose a celebrant that is LGBTI friendly and welcoming.