Ange Barry
JOY CEO, Ange Barry

The presenters of JOY 94.9, in an inventive way to stay on-air through social distancing restrictions, are broadcasting from their bedrooms, home offices and kitchens.

‘All of our presenters have gone above and beyond during the pandemic by broadcasting from their own homes! We’ve seen more houseplants, empty dishes, pets, kids and housemates emerging from bathrooms in towels than I ever thought possible!’ says JOY CEO Ange Barry

She says, ‘Our aim at JOY is to keep our listeners updated, informed and empowered. Now, more than ever, our station reflects our listeners. From our presenters, podcasters, newsreaders, producers and everyone in between we represent them because We Are Them. We’re all in isolation, all stuck at home, worried about loved ones, jobs, toilet paper 🙂 and trying to remain calm through the many stresses this pandemic is throwing at all of us. For me, personally, listening to our presenters being silly, inspirational and positive makes me feel connected and like I’m not alone.’

JOY 94.9 is Australia’s only LGBTIQA+ Community Radio station and one of only 3 stations worldwide broadcasting rainbow content 24 hours a day. The station is run by a handful of paid staff and over 200 volunteers and relies heavily on memberships and donations to stay afloat. JOY kicked off their annual Radiothion fundraising campaign yesterday under these unusual circumstances.

‘To be perfectly frank,’ Ange says, ‘we have to go ahead with our campaign now, even in this uncertain atmosphere, if we have any hope of staying on-air and afloat during these uncertain times. We’re hoping that with so many of our 589,000 listeners isolating at home they’re being kept company by JOY and will support us however they can- even if that’s a donation of the price of a cup of coffee. Every little bit helps.’

The campaign has some incredible daily and major prizes up for grabs including a $3000 voucher for Harvey Norman from Nab Pride to iso luxe your Home, iPhone and Samsung mobile phones from Telstra and Day on the Green Gold passes as well as business advertising on-air packages.

‘Our Patrons and Board have really stepped up to secure prizes and donations this year and our generous Patrons Geoffrey Singer and Gary Smith are matching every donation made to JOY in the Double Hour of Power between 7 am and 9 am on Breakfast with the Murphy’s on May 1st.

Check out for all the details and to sign up before May 2nd.