sydney mardi gras logoBe heard!

When Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras changed their name back last year after being New Mardi Gras for nearly ten years, some members of the community touted the name change as progress for bringing the words “gay” and “lesbian” to the forefront, whilst others spoke out for those who may not fit into those labels, saying the name change lacked inclusivity.

An online survey has been launched to enable the LGBTQI communities to give their feedback and suggestions about the naming of the organisation and its events, following the recommendation of the newly established Members and Community Advisory Group. All members of the community are encouraged to take part.

The results will be compiled in a report that will be published prior to the Annual General Meeting in August. At the AGM, members will be able to vote on a motion regarding what names will be used going forward.

The other change that happened alongside the name change in November of last year was the annual festival being renamed Sydney Mardi Gras (presented by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras). Community reaction was divided with some people thinking that the name was more inclusive and forward-thinking, whilst others were upset that the words gay and lesbian did not appear in the festival name. Now that the 2012 season has been delivered under the new name structure, the community advisory group is seeking feedback in order to inform future planning.