vivky Harding
Vicky Harding

Vicki Harding returns to The Women’s Library, a space where feminist and lesbian books are a priority.

Back in the early 1990s, Vicki Harding was instrumental in setting up the Women’s Library where feminist and lesbian books were a priority. The library also doubled as a comfortable meeting space for community groups.

Now, the founding member is returning as Public Officer.

Harding was thrust into the spotlight after footage of her and her partner, Jackie Braw, and their daughter Brenna appeared on ABC’s Play School. The footage caused moral outrage in tabloid newspaper readers and the then Prime Minister, John Howard.

In 2006, Harding and Brenna appeared in the news with their children’s book Learn To Include that featured same-sex parents. Brenna has also earned a Logie Award for her participation in the 2012 Channel Ten TV series Puberty Blues.

Brenna has already put in long hours to get the books in order and is eager to commit to the Women’s Library and continue with the work started by her mother. Joining the committee in August 2015, Brenna was appointed as Convenor at the Annual General Meeting in November, and will continue to be as active as her acting career permits.

Anna Kerr, Secretary of the Women’s Library, said, “When Brenna joined up as a volunteer we were impressed by her energy and enthusiasm and excited to hear about her mother’s historical connection to the library. As the Director of Inner City Legal Centre, we thought Vicki would be the perfect person to be our new Public Officer, as we know she will always have the best interests of the library at heart.”

Currently, the Women’s Library offers a comfortable meeting space for groups such as Lesbian Open House, Lesbian AA, Feminist Discussion Group and many more.

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