Virginia Edwards and Christine Forster
Virginia Edwards and Christine Forster

Durex on board for Mardi Gras Pro-Same-Sex Campaign

Did you see the amazing Durex photo booth at Fair Day?
This Mardi Gras Durex celebrates same-sex relationships with their “Love Same-Sex” campaign.
Durex is inviting couples to take a photo together symbolizing the length of time they have been together and posting it on Durex Australia’s Facebook Mardi Gras page:
Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Foster and her partner of seven years, Virginia Edwards, took part in the campaign at Fair Day. The couple were keen to display their commitment to each other in the photo booth.
The photo booth attracted over 3,500 enthused Fair Day attendees in same-sex relationships, making it one of the most successful stalls of the day. Durex’s support of and presence in the LGBTIQ community has been maintained throughout the years, with this year becoming the first time they are official SGLMG sponsors.
The campaign is one of the most vocal corporate statements in favour of marriage equality and same-sex love at this year’s Mardi Gras. It’s great to have global brands supporting same-sex relationships.
Durex’s Love Same-Sex – Make Your Love Count photo booth, which has accumulated over 3,900 years of committed same-sex couples, will be activated again at Harbour Party on February 22.