Sarah Hanson-Young
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young intends to introduce a federal marriage equality bill

Advocates Renew Federal Marriage Equality Push Close NSW Vote Shows Cross-Party Co-Operation Key To Reform

Marriage equality advocates have renewed their federal campaign with a focus on cross-party cooperation following the narrow defeat of a same-sex marriage bill in the NSW Upper House.
Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,
“We welcome today’s announcement by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young that she intends to introduce a federal marriage equality bill and is seeking cross-party support.”
“Our priority is to foster cross-party cooperation at a federal level through the establishment of a cross-party working group and a co-sponsored bill.”
“We are also working towards a Coalition conscience vote to ensure the Bill has the best chance of success.”
Mr Croome said he is disappointed that the NSW Same-Sex Marriage Bill was narrowly defeated 21 votes to 19 in that state’s Upper House, but welcomed the closeness of the vote and the fact four Coalition MLCs supported the Bill.
“The fact the NSW vote was so close and that it had unprecedented support from Coalition members is due to cross-party cooperation and a Coalition conscience vote.”
“NSW has shown what the path forward at a national level should be.”
“I expect states like NSW will revisit this issue pending the High Court’s decision about the validity of the ACT’s Marriage Equality Act.”