Amnesty International bannerShare your support and send a text to the LGBTIQ community around the world.

Amnesty International is launching its pocket protest network at one of the biggest LGBTQI parades in the world, asking people to join the fight for equality by sending one simple text message.

At a time when homophobia and transphobia continue to undermine the dignity of people around the world, the Sydney Mardi Gras, originally a protest movement, has grown to become a vibrant celebration of diverse sexualities and genders.

Amnesty International is using the event to highlight the discrimination still endured by LGBTQI people. Bus displays and posters will feature the message: ‘Showing your PRIDE this Mardi Gras? Spare a text for those who can’t’.

“It may come as a surprise but in 78 countries overseas, a consensual same-sex relationship could have you thrown in jail,” said Senthorun Raj, Amnesty International Australia’s LGBTQI Spokesperson.

“In 10 countries you could be sentenced to death, just for being gay or lesbian.

Amnesty International is a worldwide human rights network of more than 7 million members and supporters.

“Amnesty International works tirelessly to campaign on behalf on some of the world’s most vulnerable, including to free prisoners of conscience or protect individuals at risk.

“That includes people detained or tortured solely because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or intersex status.

“No one should ever face violence or discrimination for just being who they are.

“With our New South Wales LGBTQI network leading a float at the Mardi Gras calling for the right to express yourself and have control over your own body, sending a simple text message will provide another way for people to show their support,” Senthorun Raj added.

The network is partnering with the Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust to make a powerful creative statement about the importance of bodily autonomy and transgender rights as basic human rights.

Show your support and text PRIDE to 0429 159 411 and celebrate diverse genders and sexualities no matter where you are in the world. Help spread the message this Mardi Gras and spare a text for those who can’t.