Megan Bernard: Bulldozing
Megan Bernard

Recorded with Megan Bernard’s long-time Producer, Kalju Tonuma, ‘Bulldozing’ takes her sound and songwriting to a fantastic place.

This track is the culmination of her work with a synergy of harmonic tension, Megan’s sensual, haunting vocal delivery, aggressive sonic attack, and elegant, lyrical structure.
‘Bulldozing’ layers gritty electric and bass guitar and instrument samples, including an Indian Sarangi from the Orchestral Rock band BaK.
Bernard’s sound is the lovechild of an eclectic mix of influences, predominantly her John Mayer-inspired guitar style and the luscious soundscapes and vocal style of Imogen Heap.
Bernard’s literary powers have evolved to match the maturity of her music.
The raw, heart-rending lyric of ‘Bulldozing’ describes the unsettling trauma of emotional abuse from the point of view of a victim and cries out to an assailant who is “switched off to the bruising”.