PVRIS is simmering. Led by activist and singer Lyndsey Gunn, the three-piece rock band have gone back in time for a major Victorian moment in their new video for Anyone Else.

Set in a moody house that would fit perfectly into any American Horror Story episode, the band’s muse Courtney Scarr ( from their previous video for “What’s Wrong”) moves around the dilapidated rooms as she entangles herself with another, mysterious female figure.

The taut, conflicting dancers are reflective of the two verses, which Gunn revealed were written a year about.

“The first verse was written at the beginning of heartbreak-that feeling when you first leave someone yet you feel lie a part of you will always belong to them,” she explained over email. “The second verse was written a year later. [It’s] a different mindset, mostly reflecting on the toxicity and possessiveness of that same love. It is ambiguous as to what the ending perspective is… who do I belong to in the end? Myself or my past lover?”

In the past year, Gunn has gone viral as a rad, queer activist, with an open letter for Billboard about coming out to her mom, and with a Nylon interview with Tegan Quin from Tegan & Sara.

If she was our gf, we definitely wouldn’t want Anyone Else.