Stevie Jean
Stevie Jean

Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean will return to her guitar, after a year slaying the hip-hop world, for her debut EP Blame Game

To celebrate the release of Blame Game, Stevie Jean has released December Song; the opening track and the perfect introduction to Stevie’s flaunting, furious nature.

“I’m willing to admit to being an entire cliche in high-school. I fell in love with my best-friend who had a boyfriend. As we got older, she started calling me every time she drank. December Song is the ultimate “I bet you want me now I’m gone” anthem. It’s petty and it’s triumphant!” said Stevie Jean.

Earlier this year Stevie Jean stepped up as an important and fresh voice in the hip-hop world, proving herself on collaborative EP ‘Evenings’ with Sydney rapper Tasman Keith featuring the runaway single Prey which landed support from the likes of triple j and Beats 1 radio and scored over 200,000 streams on streaming platforms.

A Cypriot-Australian, Stevie Jean’s life and music has been shaped by the sun-burnt land of the Northern Territory and the people of regional Australia. A powerful and defiant woman, she uses her voice to
stand up for those who are outcast and overlooked.

It’s this drive to defend the excluded that brought Stevie to the harsh realisation during high-school that the systems she’d be brought up to follow were wrong and it was her responsibility to stand against them.

“‘Blame Game’ tells stories from my high-school years. It was a confusing time, I grew as the innocence of childhood was stripped away and the rest of my life laid in front of me with all its beauty and rough edges. There were betrayals of friendships, and of self. I recognized broken systems and searched for clarity and closure which no one seemed able to give me. So, I went alone with a pen and a guitar to seek my own answers,” said Stevie Jean.