Ladyhawke will man the decks at the Newtown Hotel on New Year’s Day

Newtown Hotel is the place to be on the very first day of 2013 as the newly refurbished pub will be delivering an absolutely stellar line-up of entertainment for FREE!

Headlining the party is New Zealand born Ladyhawke who will be bringing the house down with a live DJ set. Ladyhawke is currently riding the high of her sophomore album Anxiety after her ragingly successful debut album Ladyhawke. We all know and love her punchy, power-packed anthems such as My Delirium and Paris Is Burning. She has also collaborated with award-winning duo Pnau, showcasing her inspiring vocals on the incredibly catchy and danceriffic track Embrace.

In addition, the awesome Purple Sneakers DJs will take the fast train to Newtown to get the dance floor pumping after no doubt wowing the punters at Field Day. Also on the NYD @ Newtown Hotel party train is the presenter of FBI Radio’s ‘The Drop’ segment, Joyride, the indie-tastic Girlthing DJs and the always energetic and fun Shag.

There’s no excuse not to make the 1st of January the best day of 2013! To celebrate the new year, Newtown style, with another unforgettable party featuring Ladyhawke and the Purple Sneakers guys on New Year’s Day.