Australian singer, composer, DJ, and artist Tanzer is preparing to bewitch the masses with her newest single, Fantasy, along with its camp retrofuture video.

Directed by Alex Smith, the video was shot on tube-based cameras from the late 70s and was inspired by the retro-futuristic camp of Barbarella, Cicciolina’s 80s television performances, and the promotional videos of spiritual group Unarius Academy Of Science.

Tanzer is in the business of escapism – and escape you shall. Tanzer is known for her cinematic, high-glamour, escapist works that are at once intensely powerful, deeply fragile and darkly humorous.

Her work spans stages, clubs, galleries and festivals and fuses musical forms to a multitude of performative and artistic outcomes.

Her musical compositions move fluidly from opera to disco and from the experimental to pure pop – exploring self-image, gender, romance, and the alter ego’s power. Her film and curatorial works are renowned for their elaborate dreamscapes and meticulous aesthetic that take stylistic cues from 70’s retro-futurism, Euro camp and Australian pop culture nostalgia.

Fantasy is the latest single to be lifted from Tanzer’s forthcoming mini-album Disco Automatic, which also features singles Tango and Deep Fried Disco.

Tanzer travelled all the way from Australia to the micro-state of San Marino this year to enter “Fantasy” into its national final for the Eurovision Song Contest – a lifelong dream for Tanzer, who grew up in Rome, watching the infamous song competition. She may not have won the chance to perform at Eurovision, but amassed a cult following along the way, with countless fans glued to her candid Instagram video diaries documenting her Eurovision adventure.

And it was a gripping tale – after travelling to the other side of the world at the height of Omicron, Tanzer reacquainted herself with the Italian language to navigate the strange and beautiful San Marino, staying at the house of a four-time Eurovision contestant, sipping Prosecco atop fairytale snowy vistas and being the only singer who turned up in sequins.

After learning of her elimination (“I was just a Cher in a room of Guy Sebastians”), things took a turn. She was targeted by an Italian celebrity stalker, lost her passport, broke her foot and found out a close family member had passed before her audition. Within a fortnight, she was on the catwalk of AltaRoma Fashion Week (in crutches), styled in Chanel for a fashion shoot in Milan, and played live shows in Italy and the UK to a riotous reception. And Christian Lacroix called her an icon.

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