Madison Malone
Madison Malone

Groundbreaking queer LA-based artist Madison Malone’s recent tour took her around the globe; in her off time, she asked random people to write what love means to them on a whiteboard.

Using the film from people’s answers and reactions, she cultivated a powerful visual message to accompany her sincere lyrics. Filled with smiles, kisses and tender responses, her visuals remind us that love can take many forms and have various meanings.

Madison Malone’s “Quiet Down” is a moving track filled with vulnerability and emotion, painting a picture of universal love and transparency.  Madison wants to remind you that love loves no matter where you are. We caught up with the inspirational artist to get a closer look at what is happening inside her head…

We loved the idea behind your new visuals for “Quiet Down” can you tell us about the inspiration behind the idea for this video?

Thank you so much! I know it can be scary to love who you love out loud. I wanted to create something that shows that love is a universal feeling, something that we ALL feel coursing through us. I thought the best way to encourage us to love out loud is to show that people worldwide share this same beautiful sentiment.

In the video, we see you and your partner at the end. Can you tell us a little about how you two met?

Helen and I met in a very quintessential LA way. We were invited separately to an after-party of the 2017 MTV VMA’s at Tao in Hollywood. I swear I was the only non-celebrity there. I kept trying to keep my cool surrounded by all these people Then, the sea of famous humans parted, and I saw my sweet Helen. The friend that I went with happened to know Helen’s friend, so we all started talking. Eventually, Helen and I separated from our friends because we were flirtin’. She said something in Spanish (she is half Colombian) & I answered her in Spanish (I speak Spanish), and then she practically asked for my number right then and there. We’ve been together ever since!

You say that love is “us” at the end of your video. Can you give a few more words about what love means to you?

YES! Love is the magic in the world. Love makes the world go ’round. Love expands our views. Love is pure, sparkly goodness.

Quiet down is your newest single. Is that off an upcoming album? / Any new releases coming up soon?

Quiet Down 2 is a song on my EP coming out in the new year! The EP has five songs, with two versions of each song, so the entire EP will consist of 10 tracks. The songs with a one at the end are the more acoustic, stripped-down versions, while the songs with a two at the end are more fully produced with my band.  I will be releasing singles until the EP is out!

Are you currently touring/have any exciting shows or festivals coming up?

I just returned from a month-long European tour throughout Germany & France. I also just played in Madison, Chicago, and NYC this Summer.  I’m currently planning future tours.

Finally, do you want to share with readers you’re coming out story?

My coming out story is very non-eventful. I grew up in an open-minded, accepting family & one day, I went on a date with someone non-binary, and I told my parents over Facetime, and they were just like, “okay, cool!” Eventually, when I met Helen, I told them that I had met this excellent human and that I was going to go on a date with her, and they had the same reaction.  I want to help everyone see that love is love. I wish everyone to have a “coming out” story like mine, which is normal and celebrates love & happiness.