Sofia Sheds Ice Cold Love
Sofia sheds ‘Ice Cold Love’ with her latest single

Sofia sheds ‘Ice Cold Love’ with her latest single

Ice Cold Love is a follow up single to the powerful Friendly Little Ghost released last year. This time Sofia has brought us a song that demonstrates the power of walking away from a cold and caustic relationship.

With her signature vocals, Sofia has been compared to Kathleen Adams and Tegan and Sara and it’s easy to hear why.  There is warmth to Sofia’s voice and her flair for the narrative mean she able to tell stories that draw you in and have you invested in the outcome.

There is a strong hook and playful guitar in Ice Cold Love and Sofia manages to croon through the melody making the listener wonder not only where it all went wrong in this relationship, but questioning just what broke her heart for her to declare she now “know[s] what cold hearts can do”.

By the end you feel Sofia has shed the ice off her shoulders and stepped out into the sun.