The Blue Ruins
The Blue Ruins

Ahead of ‘The Bleed Tour’ – a call to wake up.

Love is love. So say The Blue Ruins in their latest free-to-download single.
Love is the one thing that all humans and all sentient beings have in common.
A place where we feel happy, we feel safe and secure and a place where nothing matters. Love is a goal that we all strive to achieve, a state of happiness where you meet someone who truly gets you, someone who truly understands, someone that sees past your meat costume to your soul.
Love is an emotion that grows with each interaction and what keeps us growing spiritually as a species.
Imagine being told you were not allowed to love someone. Imagine finding that perfect human connection yet living in fear because you could be put to death for your feelings. Imagine being ostracized from society, from your family, your friends. Imagine being jailed because you love someone.
Love is as basic a human right as the right to food, shelter, water.
Love is Love is a song about this human right. The right to love – black, white, yellow. The right to love – north, south, east, west. The right to love – regardless of gender.
The right to love – regardless of the education, status, bank account, race or religion.
Written by Kate after witnessing a friend’s family turn their back on her because of her love choices, the song is a political statement – a call to all humans to wake up and embrace love. In modern times, to witness countries such as Uganda and Nigeria introducing death penalties for homosexuality, to witness the attacks in Russia, to watch Canberra offer a marriage solution and then take it away, to read stories of families breaking up because their Christian daughter married a Muslim man or their white son married a black girl, is in inexcusable and its time we all stood up and fought for love.
“I come from such a happy and understanding family that when I first started touring 3 years ago and came across these sorts of stories, I couldn’t understand what I was being told. Then I saw it first hand with a close friend and watched the devastation with these negative attitudes destroying a beautiful home all because her parents could not accept her choices and the result was soul destroying. “
“We wrote Love is Love to protest this sort of close minded attitude. We want the world to realise the pain that this sort of bigotry creates and for people to think about their actions. So we have made the song free. It is available for free download and it is our hope that people around the world will download and distribute the song as far and as wide as possible and hopefully our musical message will help people to think about their actions and encourage them to give love a chance. “