Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford plays the lead role of Hannah in Netflix’s latest hit show, 13 Reasons Why.

Since the series was released on 31 March, the Aussie actress has risen to fame playing a high school student battling suicidal thoughts.

We’re already hooked on the show, which includes three out gay male characters and a same-sex kiss between Hannah and one of her classmates, but there’s another reason we love this Aussie beauty! A video has emerged of her performing a love song she penned herself.

The clip is from four years ago, the song is called I’ve Got A Crush On Zoe Bosch and it’s really something special.

Dressed in her school uniform, she plays the keyboard and sings about her love for a fellow student and head girl Zoe: “You’re funny and you’re daring; you’re loving and you’re caring for everyone around you. You’re straight-up damn amazing, you’re so captivating.”

She goes on to sing: “I’m not afraid to say it, I am gonna scream it from the rooftops to the rooftops. Zoe girl you’re crazy cool and I have got a crush on you, and everybody else does too.”

Katherine hasn’t spoken on the record about her sexuality, which is leaving many wondering what team the star bats for. Regardless we love her no matter what!

She attended San Francisco Pride last year and shared this photo on Instagram, remembering the Orlando tragedy.