ella fence
Ella’s new EP is about exploration

ALL I DO IS THINK by Ella Fence

People yearn to be different, eager to distinguish themselves. Along with ones fashion sense, music has always been a vital metaphorical soapbox to exalt ones individual tastes and freedoms.

Culturally conditions have never been more fertile for revolutions and rebellions and in spite of having access to a variety of opportunities for experimentation, individuals and groups continue to fall well short of mesmerising and charismatic originality (except in their own social media worlds).

Australian Punk Rock Icons The Saints observed in 1978 “ We’ve Got New Thoughts New Ideas It’s All So Groovy , It’s Just A Shame That We’ve All Seen The Same Old Movie”. This ode to the herd mentality rings truer in 2020 than ever before.

While most are huddled together like shivering ducklings, Ella Fence is an artist exploring and genre shape shifting; she is the embodiment of free will. Ella Fence’s new 3 Track Mini EP ‘ALL I DO IS THINK’ is not representative of an artiste in search for a safe harbour.

Ella’s new EP is about exploration. Ella’s new musical adventure bravely sails way out to sea, beyond the sight of land. Ella reinvents herself so completely that every new song is a fresh beginning, meanwhile Ella’s previous artistic endeavours disappear into a musical witness protection program.

“Reflecting on the music from ALL I DO IS THINK’, it evolved as I was looking to someone else for answers when all along I had work to do on myself, because no one from the outside has the solution or can give us what we need need to give ourselves. I have to trust myself before anyone else. That’s why my music has such an overreaching arc. I have to keep exploring”, tells Ella.

“Pink Mojitos” is the Mini EPs first track. The song is a tip of the hat to excessive behaviour, to fun for fun’s sake, partying and attention seeking. It’s a Summer tune, an anthem to indulgence.

“She’s Looking Pretty” is the polar opposite to the EP’s opener. This piece is coy and shy, it’s subtle and pushed along by a quaint 1980’s lightness.The third and final song “Japan” is an introspective, acknowledging one’s self. All 3 songs all tempered by Ella’s sophisticated transcendent voice.

Ella’s been name checked with Billie Ellish to Billie Holiday ( thankfully not Billy Ray Cyrus). Ella embraces variety and outsider status. Her music narrative has real peaks and valleys, legitimate light and shade.

Ella’s music poses drama and back beats, love, swirling vocals, sadness mixed with electronica, dance grooves and soul. She writes of desperation and love morphed with melodic pop, her musical centre of gravity is unapologetically a complete fucking mystery.

Ella would be overjoyed for you to embrace her work but in equal parts she simply doesn’t care if you refuse to listen to her music. Ella is content seeking out her own fans while surprising and mesmerising existing ones. With each new portion of work Ella Fence unashamedly ushers in her own renaissance world. A time and a place where there are no limitations or boundaries no arbiters, it’s all carefree and it’s all courageous.