Karmen Buttler - Daze of Love13 easy listening tracks by Karmen Buttler to propel you into absolute bliss!

Debuting in 1999/2000 with Good Alien, Karmen Buttler is no stranger to the music scene. Her latest offering, Daze of Love, is a formidable collaboration with her multi-instrumentalist father, Dan Buttler and was recorded in a marathon 4-day recording session. Produced by Karmen and Dan, it was mixed and edited by Rick Vargas of TRI Studios.

As a singer-songwriter, Karmen’s songs are grounded with a strong sense of jazz, a touch of country and a dash of folk. Adding another textural layer are the slight hints of what are perhaps childhood moments flowing through the album in the form of old audio clips.

The appropriately titled lead track “Something Great” commences with a continuous acoustic guitar line and tight lyrics. Quickly we are thrust along and into a song that captures your imagination and interest. By the time the chorus swings around, you’re hooked.

The title track, “Daze of Love”, hints at the interplay between father and daughter and introduces the listener to an unforgettable jazz tone. Whilst “Winter” has a solid guitar line below the vocals and poignant lyrics, which move you through the song like a cool breeze flowing on an autumn morning – it’s welcoming and memorable.

“Righteous Warrior” is a catchy tune with a great acoustic sound. This contrasted with the keyboards in “Humming Bee”, which bop with an upbeat and whimsical melody.

At times reminiscent of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Suzanne Vega, Buttler has produced an album of 13 easy-listening tracks that propel you into an instant state of bliss. Overall there is a clever simplicity to Buttler’s music, which creates a sense of timelessness; with her smoky voice and masterful guitar playing, she takes the listener on an emotional ride that one wishes will never end.