Perpetual Detour
Perpetual Detour

Indie-rock band, Perpetual Detour releases their single, “Little by Little,” from their soon-to-be-released second album, Tired of the Scenery.

Born in the basement of a purple house, Halifax, Canada-based band Perpetual Detour is not afraid of the dark. The all-female foursome combines insightful lyrics and harmonies in a melodic rock experience that combines powerful elements of love, loss, longing and rebirth.

Under the themes of desire and loss, Indie rockers Perpetual Detour have released a teaser from their upcoming album. The music video for their song “Little by Little” is the first single from their soon to be released 2nd album, “Tired of the Scenery”. Chronicling a lesbian affair, the video offers an LGBT smorgasbord of visuals rarely seen in mainstream media.

Perpetual Detour has been breaking the musical mould since their debut album, “What if it was you?,” which was recorded by ECMA-nominated producer Scott Ferguson. The band utilizes soaring vocals and a unique interplay of piano, driving electric guitar, bass and drums. These talented ladies have had the honour of sharing the stage with numerous talented artists, including Michelle Wright, Irish Mythen, Christine Campbell, Erin Costello, Coco Love Alcorn and Ria Mae. They also have had the pleasure of performing with Juno-award winning songwriter Melanie Doane at the Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and song.

“Little by Little” is an ambitious and potentially controversial follow—up to their award-winning Lego video, “What if it was you.” In this video, we watch the lead character (played by band member AJ Leblanc) struggle to break free from a stagnated relationship, only to end up in the eager arms of another woman. It’s lesbian bed death, and its antithesis, personified in an emotionally and sexually charged four minutes.

While the video is among the group’s racier offerings, Leblanc explains the story has universal appeal: “We told the story from a gay angle, but regardless of who you are, I think the themes are something that everyone can relate to.”

“People will either love it or hate it,” adds singer Meagan Lanchbery, “But it’s an authentic story. And it deserves to be told.”