Yesterday my friend Lissa, an entrepreneur behind the curtain of, called me. She read this blog and because she’s known me for a long time my waffling and indecision confused her. “What’s the problem?” I tried to explain: “I’m anxious about this ‘creating a plan thing’. Remember a year ago, the last time I had a business plan, when I got max five hours of sleep a night? Barely saw my friends and family? I can’t do that again.”

Before a year ago I regularly mapped out my goals but because Catholic education beat guilt into my bones I worked myself into the ground until I completed everything I set out to do. In my mind, not doing everything was akin to not doing homework, which at St. Helen’s was akin to sinning terribly. After going full speed for two years working seven days a week at least ten hours a day I burnt myself out, took a break and discovered Sundays. I was astonished at what I learned—people usually have one day off, sometimes two! Per week! It is this thing called the weekend! Novel!

From the burn-out point until now I have been lucky enough to go from project to project, which kept me busy enough to not acknowledge that I do not have a long-range plan. Now that I want to create a strategy that places projects and goals that are stewing in my brain in concrete order I am worried. Will I revert to the loner-masochistic-self-sacrificing life style? Lisa agreed that I should be cautious. Her eloquent warning: “You could kick the bucket tomorrow, so why put off enjoying your life?” Well said.

Last week I went to a seminar on creating a business plan for your artistic career with The Savvy Actor. Kevin, one of the presenters, mentioned that he makes a list of someday and maybe goals. The key, he said, is to only work on three to five goals at a time. That includes one life goal, one financial goal and two career goals. What?! Only five!! But, I want….everything! Kevin explained, we all want everything, but it is not efficient to work on more goals than you can handle. The rebellious part of my mind said: “Lauren, don’t listen to these lunatics, you know how to do everything and be efficient. Who needs sleep? You’ll see your friends and family…eventually.” The wise voice intervened: “Let’s be real—at the very least you should recognize that bags under your eyes are not cute.”

OK—only five goals. Er. OK. Breath. I can do this.

But, wait—I know that I am not the only one here who likes to do too much. Yes, I am calling you out….and challenging you. Because you can use it and its always more powerful to do this stuff in groups. This is the task: list all of your goals—someday, maybe and wild and lofty (I added that because dreaming is fun)—and then narrow it down to three to five. I will comment on this post with mine and you do for yours—I dare you!


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