Me at sea.

I was aboard a ship that several months ago was hit by a rogue seven foot wave.

You can see a news broadcast of it here: 

When I was ten I watched all sorts of B-movies on TV about ship wrecks and disasters at sea. I had nightmares with myself in the same scenarios and vowed to never go on a boat. My grandfather added to my ocean-anxiety by telling me Navy stories about being stranded in the middle of the Atlantic with one engine….

How did I, with a load of ingrained apprehension, make it through a week on a boat with marred history?

Well, I spent most of my time in screenings and panels with talented filmmakers. When I wasn’t in a dark room with the blinds pulled down I had to trick myself. I repeated: “The rocking sensation is from nice gentle waves, friendly waves….” and pretended that I was not on a boat, just a large object in the ocean, almost like an island. In case of disaster I imagined Ariel and Sebastian would come swimming up to save me.
It worked.

The experience in photos by Kelsy Chauvin here.


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