Charismatically pulling you in.

Where have you been? Tiana V… This my fellow music lovers, is a precious gem amongst her peers. I was lucky enough to come across this young talent from Victoria through a chance meeting with the track 'Without You' and what an interesting surprise….

Tiana began working in the music biz at the age of just 5 helping Dad set up for jamming and recording sessions and at 10 she had already taught herself to play the guitar and wrote her first song.

Musically masterful and charismatic her writing draws you in, leaving you waiting on each lyric. Her voice is strong yet subtle at the same time, similar to that of Alison Moyer or Tori Amos. Her instrumentals…tranquil but striking.

'What It's Really Like' tells a story of being honest about life, how harsh it can be and not glossing things over (as I see so many folk do these days). It expresses how important it is to care for one another and to support those who may need a little help to get through. Many singers try to write like this and fall flat (without any substance), but this artist has plenty of that. She fully supports and has been an advocate for community projects in and around Australia. It's refreshing to see such character in an artist who writes like this in times of commercially ready made pop bands (not that I have anything against them) but there are some well respected musicians of our time and Tiana V is certainly on her way to meeting with their success to name a few she reminds me of; REM, Tracy Chapman, U2.

'Without You' is a song at the right time for release. It's a movie soundtrack for the new vampire series taking over from where the last one left off, it's a hit at MTV unplugged, a BBC Radio one acoustic set… Or my favourite, the closing tune to Tiana V's concert; the one you've been waiting for all night because it reminds you of the love of your life and she's right there next to you holding your hand, enjoying the show.

But for now, putting all this love and romance aside, let's talk about one of my other favourite things in life…dancing. There are many dimensions to Tiana V's creativity as we see from her collaboration with the up and coming UK Drum n Bass producer Chinensis on the track 'Rainwalker'. A few years ago, I used to dance it out to this genre and could just keep going (glow sticks and all), but I haven't heard a D&B track in years that has made me feel that I could do that all over again until now. I fully expect this tune to go viral at Ibiza, Aiya Napa and Las Vegas this summer… It's a party tune with a hint of Pop; a takeover so perfectly executed.

For those locals and jet setters luckier than me, Tiana V has an upcoming performance in Melbourne at the 'Destiny Rescue Movement' on 6th September, check it out. But! When Tiana V makes her way to Bris Vegas, I definitely want to be in that crowd, with the love of my life, glow sticks at the ready…. and holding hands.

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