The folk-pop-rock goddess is back with a new album.

Patty Larkin’s soulful voice and skillful guitar sound has made her a classic amongst connoisseurs of folk-urban pop music. Her acoustic guitar technique has earned widespread praise, from “soundscape experiments” (Acoustic Guitar) to “evocative and sonic shading” (Rolling Stone). But it’s Larkin’s sophisticated and richly thematic lyrics in accord with her varied, fierce, and yet melodic strumming that we love the best. 


Still Green, Larkin’s 13th album, is just as rich and evocative as her previous work. This is the expression of a live lived deeply, both through joy and heartbreak. The album processes the deaths of her parents and Larkin’s search for solace at the end of her journey through the grieving process. You will relate to these musical journeys. Raised a Catholic, Larkin is well equipped to deal with such musings that nevertheless bring the listener back to a place of hope. 


And the beauty of nature is also a welcome layer to this album. Like many great artists before her, Larkin, who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spent time in the Outer Banks of Cape Cod's National Seashore in a primitive one-room dune shack and practiced on an old acoustic guitar that she had rescued from the town dump. By the time she started recording she had 40 potential songs, which means that only the best and most multidimensional work has made it onto this gem of an album.

The album’s title track was, in fact, inspired by writing. While on tour, Larkin was sent a book of Kay Ryan poems. One morning in a hotel, she read and reread “Green Behind The Ears.” She picked up her guitar and “Still Green” was born. Larkin keeps fine company on this album: jazz bassist Joe McMahon, drummer Dave Brophy, and cellist and Berklee College of Music professor Catherine Bent. The gorgeous Jonatha Brooke even added some harmonies. Larkin is touring all November and December.

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Thursday, November 20, 8:00 pm show / 6:00 doors

THE ADDITION (1330 Fillmore St., San Francisco 94115)