Australian Defence Force Launches New Recruiting Campaign For Women Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN, launched a recruiting campaign to highlight the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as an attractive and attainable career option for women.

The campaign is designed to encourage more women to consider the career opportunities available in the ADF.

“Women currently make up 18 per cent of the Australian Defence Force and it is well understood that this is not a fair representation of the gender balance in today’s working society.

“Our aim is to create a more inclusive work environment and to position Defence as an employer of choice for women and men alike.”

The new campaign features women who are actively serving in the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.

The servicewomen detail the rewards a military career has to offer and ask other Australian women the question – ‘If they could do what they love, what would it be?’

“The women featured in the campaign offer an honest and candid view of life in the ADF.

“I think it will be an inspiring conversation for those women considering a career in the Australian Defence Force,” Vice Admiral Barrett said.