Lesbian wedding proposalI’d thought a lot about how I would do this. It had to be romantic.

But the reality was different.

I’d ordered the ring. It was a simple white gold band as I knew that bling wasn’t really Tan’s style. It took a while to arrive so I began planning how I would propose long before I actually had the ring ready to go.

I had big ideas. We had a holiday planned in New Zealand and so I thought that it would be perfect! Somewhere beautiful and in my homeland!

My plan quickly failed me as my nerves took over. Once I picked up the ring from the jeweller, it was like something came over me. That whole day all I could think about was the proposal, to the point that she thought that I was keeping something from her.

We had gone to have a cocktail out at her favourite local bar. I was distant the whole time as my nerves were taking over my mind. She was getting worried and so when we got to our door I told her that I loved her.

I had to think quickly! I had to do it!

It was too much to hold in so I sat her down with a movie and made some popcorn. I hid the ring in the bottom in its little wooden box and hoped she was hungry. I was so worried she would be upset I’d not done something more romantic, but as she very slowly ate her way to the ring box she finally found it and looked confused.

She asked, “What is this?” I just burst into tears and could not speak. I said, “I want to marry you Tan. Will you marry me?” and she began crying, saying, “Yes!!!” over and over. We cried and cried, hugging, kissing and crying. It was extremely beautiful and I couldn’t have done this in a public space as it was so personal and intimate.

I’m so lucky that Tan loves popcorn! And me.