Getting Married & Getting Away: Newlyweds Sara Everest & Kate McConnell on their Argentine Destination Wedding with Fabulous Weddings!


I’ve gone back and forth between wishing I speak Spanish and enjoying the fact that I don’t speak a word of it. Having a charismatic and very personable wedding planner escort us around and handle business for us in a language we can’t speak has been a transformative experience.

We aren’t strangers living the experiences of a typical wedding week – we’re two women who chose Argentina to get married and somehow achieved celebrity status for it. It’s such a strange phenomenon and I attribute it not only to Fabulous Weddings for putting out such magically positive vibes but also the pride of the Porteños and an acceptance and celebration of love that runs deep in the spirit of Buenos Aires.

I’ve been smiling nonstop since we arrived here, enjoying every interaction and feeling grateful that the joy I’m feeling is reflected on the faces of the people surrounding us. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Leti and Fabulous Weddings have established an incredible network of amazing individuals who are extremely well practiced in the celebration of life and love. There’s an energy swirling around us that transcends verbal communication and today, words cannot describe the beautiful and unexpected day we experienced on the Isla el Descanso.

We knew today was supposed to be special. The plan was to visit a beautiful island in bloom to take our wedding photos. Yesterday we saw photos of the island under water. Leti, wedding planner extraordinaire, kept reminding us that the weather changes fast in Buenos Aires and that all would be okay. Miraculously, she was right. The sun was shining the minute we hopped our ferry to the island for a storybook gorgeous day

Upon arrival, we had a very intimate and personal walking tour of the island. Our island host was Andres Felipe, a charming gentleman who inexplicably reminds us of our son. The island is an expression of his life and love and attempting to articulate how very special we felt in his presence would not do those feelings justice.

Roses grow on the island that may very well be the most fragrant, naturally grown flowers anywhere on earth. There’s a harmony and balance to the art, the architecture and the horticulture of the island and the people and animals that maintain and inhabit it.

Having Felipe’s mother there, wearing the hats and holding the bouquets she made for us, was perhaps more special than she knows. Our mothers are not here in Buenos Aires, but they are here in spirit and having a mother present brought real warmth to the group. It felt as though we were surrounded by family.