Meet LOTL's Dream Wedding winners
Rachel and Roz

The loved-up couple will enjoy a wedding taken care of by LOTL and our generous partners.

When LOTL’s wedding competition winners Rachel and Roz first saw each other after meeting online, they were enchanted. Ten years later, they are getting a chance to share their love with family and friends. The couple will enjoy a ceremony wholly taken care of by LOTL and our partners, which includes a venue, gowns, photographer, cake and more.

Rachel’s submission caught the judge’s attention for her simple declaration of love for Roz. Check out their story, as told by Rachel:

“We didn’t propose to each other at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, and not even as we bathed in the warm waters of Hawaii. Our six-month trip was the culmination of years of saving and sacrifice, a dream we held not only because of the unique places we would see but mainly because it meant spending that much time together, seeing new places and experiencing different foods and languages with the person we each loved most. Strangely enough, it wasn’t during the incredible highs that travel brings that we made a lifelong commitment to each other.

“It is about cementing our long, committed relationship with a beautiful ceremony.”

After some of the hardest most challengings – where a less committed or loving couple may have had horrible arguments, stormed away from each other and given up – we realised that we would always be together, literally through thick and thin, good and bad. The actual proposal on one knee with diamond rings and flowers hasn’t happened…yet… but we proposed to each other countless times during our trip.

As well as ‘sweetie’ and ‘baby’ and ‘honey’, we each refer to the other as our wife, and we have planned our dream wedding so many times that after nine beautiful years together, it is finally time it becomes a reality. We don’t need a grand gesture such as sky writing; it is about cementing our long, committed relationship with a beautiful ceremony.”

Check out our exclusive interview with the couple in the June issue of LOTL.